The Farmer's Daughter

 Rustic Country and Western Home and Garden Decor from our 
Montana Farm and Ranch to your home! We repurpose our rural lifestyle one piece at a time!


"Love your stuff! Already have my 2 trees out to enjoy. Hope to see you next year at TRAC in Pasco, WA"

Thanks for the purchasing trees Kim at the 2015 Custer's Art and Craft Show in Pasco, WA and posting pictures of them on Facebook!

My mother was visiting my grandparents back in GA and was there when one of the packages you sent for me arrived. Not only did they LOVE the tree and put it in the most prominent spot for everyone to see, but the wrapping and presentation was just wonderful - especially considering that it travelled across the country.

Thank you so much for the extra care and attention you gave to the items I sent my family and friends. It means so much to know they're happy during the holidays. You made it easy!

Merry Christmas!

The award we won at the 2014 Home and Garden Show in Great Falls Montana!
Country chic, cowgirl, cowboy, barbed wire art